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 Contingency Planning Covid 19      January 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and students,

Following on from Government announcements yesterday evening, it has now been confirmed that we will return to online teaching and learning this Monday the 11th January.  It is important for student’s academic progress and well-being that they engage with their teacher.

All students will be asked to follow their timetabled classes every day (apart from subjects that do not have a state exam in this school). Students should treat online learning as if it were a normal school day from 8:45am- 4.00pm. The updated timetable has been shared on Microsoft Teams with students.

Teachers will be providing live classes as much as is possible and attendance will be taken for every lesson as is school policy and required by the Educational Welfare Officer. Work will be issued by the subject teacher and students are required to return this via Microsoft Teams.

Your child’s progress and attendance will be monitored on an ongoing basis and you will be contacted if there is a concern regarding this.

In order for online learning to be successful the following etiquette rules must be followed:

  • Choose a workspace suitable for an online classroom
  • Be prepared in advance and on time for your online class
  • If a student is unable to attend a timetabled class please let the teacher know in advance
  • Mute your mic and only turn it on if you are asked to speak
  • Dress appropriately. Consider if what you are wearing is something that would be suitable to attend school physically in
  • Do not take screenshots or photos of others online
  • Contact between students, parents and teachers should be within normal school hours
  • School rules apply in the online classroom. Think before you type and stay focused on the task you are doing

 Parents/guardians and students should consult the school Twitter/Facebook accounts and the school website to stay informed on the latest school developments. Students should also monitor their Microsoft school email.

Remember that this way of teaching won’t be for ever so we are asking parents/guardians to ensure your daughter tries their very best to engage in with it until we can return to the school building. We are here to support you through it.  Students are encouraged to contact their teachers if they are having difficulty within a subject. Ingrid our Home School Link teacher is on hand for any questions that parents may have. Ingrid can be contacted during school hours on 086-138 4323 or

If for some reason your child is finding it difficult to engage due to lack of motivation, wellbeing, anxiety, etc) please contact a member of the Care Team.


Care Team coordinators are:

First Year: Ms. Gabi Beuchuert

Second Year: Ms. O’Shea

Third Year: Ms. O’Leary

Junior Year Head: Ms. Browne

Transition Year: Ms. Barrett

Fifth Year: Mr. Hickey

Sixth Year: Ms. O’Flynn

Thank you for your support. Remember to stay safe, follow public health guidelines and we look forward to welcoming you all back in the very near future.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Gibbs, Principal

Mary O’ Connell, Deputy Principal

The staff of North Presentation Secondary School



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