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Holidays are here

Another busy school year finished .. and what a year it has been.

When we left on March 12th we never guessed we would not be together again…. but that didn’t stop us!

We took on a new way of teaching & learning, and our homes became our classrooms… remote learning our new reality. But we did it.

Sadly we lost our beloved Sr Stan during this time. And while we could not be there to say goodbye in person, we attended her funeral online & expressed our sorrow in other ways. RIP Sr Stan…One thing that was evident from the huge amount of comments we received was her determination to open doors for her students & lead the way by introducing new subjects and opportunities for the girls in North Pres.

We continue that legacy & have celebrated our students in many ways recently with innovative & memorable ceremonies.
Our virtual awards went viral & made National headlines.

We had graduations for students moving to different stages of their lives… 3rd years- Tys – 6th years… & we wish every student the very best…
“ Coming together while staying apart” became our motto…

To our students: have a wonderful summer. Stay safe & see you soon.
And finally to our staff: a wonderful group who have shown the true North Pres spirit of resilience & hardwork, community & caring.
They have sent some messages which will be posted over the next few days….
THANK YOU to all NP staff & enjoy your summer too

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