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List of School Policies 2016-2017

North Presentation Secondary School has a number of policies which are kept on file and up to date. The following is a short description of each policy. Each policy is available, in full, through the school office.

Code of Behaviour

The school has established and maintains a code of behaviour and discipline that will reward positive behaviour in individuals and groups, and that will be supportive of all pupils, parents and staff.

We aim to establish consequences for every type of behaviour and to be consistent in carrying out these consequences so that the school’s task of providing a supportive learning environment can be carried out in a positive and harmonious climate.

This policy has undergone a full review by staff, pupils and parents between January and June 2009 and has been formally adopted by the Board of Management.

There have been a number of changes to both the content and the layout of the policy. You will be given a full copy of the policy in September and required to sign a statement indicating your acceptance and support for the policy.

Pastoral Care Policy

Through this policy the school aims to support the academic, behavioural, emotional, social and spiritual needs of all students.

Bullying Policy

While no school environment can be totally free of bullying, we want to reassure parents and pupils that we maintain a constant vigilance around this problem.

We aim to ensure that all pupils know that bullying is unacceptable, that action is taken promptly, and that pupils will be supported by the school in dealing with bullying.

We have developed procedures for investigation and dealing with bullying behaviour within the framework of the overall Code of Behaviour & Discipline.

Admissions Policy

This school policy describes which students are eligible for admission to the school, the allocation of places, information to be supplied by parents, transfers from other 2nd level schools, the school structure, curriculum and resources, programmes on offer etc.

A change was made to this policy during the year in order to make it very explicit that this school was for girls only.

Substance Abuse Policy

This policy describes the school’s drug education programme, how prescribed medication is dealt with and how drug related incidents are managed within the school.

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy aims to ensure that all pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources in a safe and effective manner.

Health And Safety Statement

The Health and Safety Statement identifies areas and activities within school life that pose a safety hazard to members of the school community.

The statement outlines how the school’s procedures, facilities and operations aim to reduce the associated dangers to an acceptable level.

Attendance Policy

This policy describes how the school records and reports on attendance and how it interacts with the National Educational Welfare Board.

It also outlines how the school encourages and rewards good attendance and tries to address poor attendance.

As you know the procedure for recording attendance is as follows: 

While teachers still take roll calls that are returned to the office, students now use a swipe card system to record their attendance in school.

Parents are asked to ensure that their daughter has her swipe card with her every day and that it is kept in good condition.


Over the past year the school has worked hard on this plan and focused on the following key areas:

  • Exam Results
  • Attendance
  • Literacy
  • Communication with Parents

Actions in these areas will be implemented over the coming year to bring about targeted improvements.  Your support and cooperation, when and where required, is greatly appreciated and will be to your daughter’s benefit.

The following policies are in draft form and are still being developed:

Homework Policy

This policy recognises the important role that homework plays in student learning and explains the purpose of homework to students and parents.  Parents guardians are asked to ensure that home work is being written into the school journal and being completed by the student every night.

A homework information leaflet is being prepared by the school in conjunction with pupils and parents.

This will be available for distribution in September and is full of useful information to help your daughter get the most benefit from her homework.

Educational Disadvantage Policy

This policy describes how the school supports all students who are experiencing disadvantage with regard to learning ability or socioeconomic factors to reach their educational potential.

Guidance Policy

The guidance policy is a whole school policy that outlines how career, personal and emotional guidance is provided for students by all the teaching staff.


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