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Adult Education

North Presentation offers a wide variety of courses to adult learners to provide a centre for life long learning. Students who complete courses successfully can gain awards such as Leaving Certificate or QQI awards.


DELIVERY of PROGRAMMES in the time of COVID 19

• All students with access to laptops/smartphones formed into Microsoft Teams class groups; teaching will be through voiceover powerpoints available to students through teams; regular zoom meetings with groups doing IT programmes where possible; posting of links to films, documentaries, reading materials, assignments etc for language and humanities students; emailing you with materials etc via your Teams address. M Nunan in conjunction with school IT support staff has and is continuing to set you all up in these groups. She has been and is in touch with you to show you how to access your group.

• Clear approach from tutors to students to be one of support, making material available where wanted BUT no stress of returning assignments etc if student not able or willing. We know that many of you are cocooning and just want to be kept active but without the pressure of “homework”. However if you do wish to work on assignments all of us tutors will help you to do just that.

• Zoom to be used as means of monthly conversation between students who are isolated and have such means of communication. M Nunan is already engaging with older students on an individual basis to train them into ZOOM.
• We have set up a closed dedicated FACEBOOK page for any North Pres adult ed student that wishes to join it. M Nunan and Adult Ed Coordinator will monitor and administer it. Links to coursework will be put up on page; also social interaction between students can be continued through this means and is proving very successful. Special thanks to Anthony for his wonderful photos of our past “educational” outings!! They are keeping us all uplifted and hopeful.
• Community Response is also flourishing in the Farranree area and we as an adult ed provider have tapped into that group. We forward newsletters detailing resources available in the community to our students; we are helping with the delivery of food etc to those most vulnerable or cocooned in our community; we are also able to get help for any of our students that might need it through this body. If you know of anyone that could do with help or support in this way let us know and we will advise the community response team.
• For those without access to IT : we are going back to basics through phone calling, texting and posting to keep in touch with you and to deliver reading material etc to you so that you can keep up with your work but without any pressure on you for response given that most of you cannot leave home at the moment. A Twomey is taking that on so bear with us as we get your permission etc to post out to you. Also there are delays in the post as many people are using the service now. But we hope that this will keep you going and most importantly in contact with us at North Pres.


From the consultation process between all the relevant parties we have decided on the following approach to Assessment/ Completion of Portfolios/ Internal Verification & External Authentication as pertains to North Presentation Secondary School/ Centre for Further Education:

• Given the age profile of our students (65+) , the discrepancy of IT availability to them, the fact that our portfolios in the main are “hard copy” and minor components for minor awards
• And following contact with students who would have gone forward for assessment in June in normal circumstances, you have informed us that you are not waiting or under any pressure for results to access further courses or employment.
• And mindful of the very difficult situation quite a few of you are experiencing cocooning or supporting families without incomes or families who need you to child mind while they work or where home conditions are not suitable to work in:

We in North Presentation Adult Education have taken the decision to defer any outstanding assessments and collections of portfolios to the autumn and will then undertake our IV & EA processes as normal. Your tutor is available to you to explain this further and how it will work for you, as am I. We are happy with this decision given the situation we all find ourselves in.

If it becomes clear however, that we will not reopen in the autumn, we will reconvene the consultative group and put in place a new plan for completion, collection and assessment of portfolios. Our commitment to you and your studies is of the utmost importance to us.


It is our hope that school will return in the autumn and we will be able to facilitate those of you with portfolios wishing to go forward for assessment at that time. For that we can only wait and take our direction from Government.



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