North Presentation
Secondary School, Farranree, Co.Cork T23 WD99

Call: 021 4303330

Home School Community Liaison

The Home School Community Liaison scheme supports pupils by building a partnership between parents, teachers and community agencies. This partnership creates a shared sense of purpose in meeting the pupil’s needs.

The scheme acknowledges the important role that the parent/guardian plays in the education of the pupil. When the complementary skills of parent, teacher and community are at work, the pupil will flourish in the learning environment. The Department of Education and Science is committed to the involvement of parents through the provision of a Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Coordinator in North Presentation Secondary School.

The HSCL Coordinator reaches out beyond the school walls to the homes and communities from which our pupils come. The Coordinator can help parents to understand what happens in the school, what facilities and supports are available and the school’s procedures. This better understanding empowers parents to make more informed decisions about their daughter’s learning. The Coordinator supports parents through home visits, classes and through the involvement with agencies who support the learning process in the community. The HSCL Coordinator works closely with all the support services in the school to create the best possible learning environment for the pupil.

The Coordinator is Ms Ingrid O’Shea and she would be glad to hear from parents at 086 1384323  or 021 4303330.