North Presentation
Secondary School, Farranree, Co.Cork T23 WD99

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There are a number of support services available to students in North Pres. We take a coordinated approach to ensure the best possible intervention(s) for individual students.

  • Student Support Team (SST)

A student support team is a central part of the student support system in a school. It is the overarching team concerned with the progressing of actions for the welfare and wellbeing of all students. The student support team can provide for the educational, social, emotional behavioural and learning needs of All, Some and Few students to ensure their ongoing wellbeing. The range and nature of the work is dependent upon the needs and the available resources withing the school. Where a Student Support Team is in place it is concerned with promoting a whole school-approach. The student support team can also identify and forge relationships with external support services.

  • Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Service identifies students who may have literacy or numeracy difficulties. Students may then be withdrawn to work individually or in small groups with the teacher.

  • School Completion Programme

The School Completion Programme aims to have a significant positive impact on the levels of pupil retention in primary and second level schools and on numbers of pupils who successfully complete the Senior Cycle.

  • Guidance

Career guidance is available to students in the school through timetabled classes and individual meetings with the Guidance Counsellor for issues such as subject, course, career and lifestyle choices.

  • School Counselling

Counselling is available to students who need to discuss personal issues or concerns with a qualified counsellor.

  • Home School Community Liaison

The Home School Community Liaison scheme reaches out beyond the school walls to the homes and communities from which our pupils come. The HSCL Co-ordinator supports parents through home visits, classes for parents and community members and through involvement with agencies working in the community. The HSCL Co-ordinator works closely with all support services in the school.


Teachers cannot offer total confidentiality to a young person who discloses certain information of a student welfare nature to them.